About Pikachu.nu

Pikachu.nu is owned by Shi. It is part of The Honor and Blood Network.

This domain serves as the collective for all my fan-made websites on various series, characters and media that I love. These are usually of the anime, manga and gaming genres.

Pikachu the Pokemon

I have waited to for many years until the domain Pikachu.nu became available to purchase. Pikachu is, of course, the lead and most recognizable "pocket monster," or Pokemon, a gaming, anime and manga mega-series that has run for more than two decades. I have loved this electrifying creature since the game and anime came out in the 1990s.

Pikachu my baby girl

When I had my very own dog in 2003, a beautiful Japanese Spitz, I named her Pikachu. I loved her very much and was devastated when she passed away in 2015 from old age. The last time I saw her was on 14 May 2015. I will do my very best to keep this domain alive and active in her honor and memory.

The domain name was purchased from NuNames on 21 January 2016 and live since 27 June 2016. We are hosted by the wonderful MDD Hosting. Both services are very highly recommended!

Design Notes

The first version of this domain is entitled With You. This is a song by Il Nino, some of the lyrics of which appear on the layout image itself. It is the opening song to the anime series Chobits, based on the manga of the same title by CLAMP.

This design features Chii, the principal meta-female character of Chobits. The theme is a luscious mix of pink and purple hues, very girly indeed! The image used was originally from an official Chobits artbook.

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